Remuneration and other benefits during the year 2018

SEKFixed salaryVariable remuneration1Other benefits4Total
President and CEO Magnus Groth13,000,0007,345,000298,38320,443,383
Other senior executives( 13 people)*)60,005,06938,743,0134)




1) Variable remuneration covers the 2018 fiscal year but is paid in 2019.
2) Of which LTI program SEK 6,500,000.
3) Includes remuneration to the former Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs, who as a result of the restructuring of the Group is no longer a member of the Executive Management Team.
4) Of which LTI program SEK 36,502,537.

Pension costs 20181)

President and CEO Magnus Groth2)5 443 050
Other senior executives (13 people)3)18 115 299
Total23 558 349

1) The pension costs pertain to the costs that affected profit for 2018, excluding special payroll tax.
2) Outstanding pension obligations amount to SEK 19,933,280.
3) Outstanding pension obligations amount to SEK 80,261,840.