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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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We want to contribute to creating societies where everyone has the same rights and possibilities to participate. We know that we can play an important role in areas where gender, generational divides, and disability construct barriers to living a full and active life. Through our work, we contribute to SDG 3 Good health and well-being, and SDG 5 Gender equality.

At Essity, we create change together. Our employees are our main asset and core of the company. We know that a diverse, inclusive culture is key to deeper engagement and more insightful decision-making. In addition, this leads to more sustainable innovations, creating greater value for more people. We are determined to ensure an inclusive work environment for all, to achieve gender balanced leadership everywhere, and accelerate representation of under-represented groups.

Societal exclusion due to hygiene and health barriers is a global problem. Often, hygiene and health related needs of vulnerable groups are overlooked in decision making. Through our award-winning, taboo-breaking campaigns, global education initiatives, community relations and life-changing innovations, we improve well-being for people and societies and break barriers every day. 

Promoting more inclusive societies 

To achieve more inclusive societies, it is important that all citizens have access to public environments, services and solutions.

Essity champions the approach Design for all, which means involving stakeholders in all stages of the design process of a product and to always involve the most demanding user. The multi-stakeholder design process ensures that the products are easy to use for everyone, to create inclusive public spaces and workplaces.  

Breaking the stigma on incontinence

Many people with incontinence suffer from stigma and physical implications, substantially impacting everyday life. Regardless of whether individuals with incontinence require a caregiver or not, they should be supported to be able to handle their incontinence as far as possible by themselves.

Essity works with partners, health care professionals, caregivers, and individuals to break the stigma on incontinence. For most individuals, incontinence is a chronic condition that must be managed daily. Together with key stakeholders within the international community of care experts, Essity has developed a shared agenda for sustainable continence care. 

To support both health professionals and family caregivers, Essity’s brand TENA has developed TENA SmartCare, a new and reusable digital sensor for improved incontinence care.

Girls with Feminine Care Products
Awareness campaigns

Breaking the silence

Every day, millions of women, men and children refrain from going to work or school or from taking part in social events because of hygiene and health-related concerns. Through our insight-driven campaigns, we spark global dialogue and raise awareness around unspoken issues on menstruation, incontinence, phlebology and personal & public hygiene. 

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Life-changing products and solutions

Innovating for all

Taking care of yourself and others can be difficult when the available solutions can not stand up to present-day challenges or your individual needs. Using inclusive design principles, consumer insights and ongoing collaboration with experts and health professionals, we develop innovations that make a difference every day.

Essity France is collaborating with the Red Cross
Community relations

Empowering local communities

Essity strives to be a dedicated partner in the local communities in which it operates. Within emerging markets and marginalized communities, we partner with global NGOs and local grassroots organizations to provide education and resources that empower individuals to participate fully in society.

Essity Employees
Diversity, equity and inclusion within Essity

Driving progressive change together

Our brands, products and solutions improve the well-being of people all over the world. It is only natural for us then to recognize, understand and serve the diverse needs of our consumers and customers and investors in multiple markets, while simultaneously creating a culture with a strong sense of belonging and employee engagement.