Since the beginning of 2019 Eshani has been working for our Business Unit Global Brand, Innovation and Sustainability (GBIS) in Hamburg. As a Regulatory Affairs Associate, she helps ensure that our medical solutions are completely safe every day.  

Eshani, studying in Germany abroad – why did you decide to do so? 

I didn't just want to study. I also wanted to challenge myself and see if I could cope in a completely different culture. In addition, you often get new perspectives when you leave your comfort zone. That is why Germany was clearly the better choice for me than, say, the United States. Germany has a very good Education system that opens many career doors. And my example shows that you can live here very well.

That's why you stayed here after your studies? 

Yes, Germany is a very open, hospitable country that offers you many opportunities to get to know its culture and integrate. This starts with the language courses offered by the authorities, universities and companies. I feel comfortable here. And after I had experienced the people and found many German friends, it was clear to me: Now I also want to know the German working culture. 

And, do you like it? 

Absolutely! Germany offers an excellent work-life balance. I think it's great that I don't have to answer emails after work or can go earlier on a Friday. The working culture is very professional. At the same time, it’s very flexible. This is a great combination. So, I would always decide that way. 

Also, for Essity? 

Definitely. If you want to make a serious contribution to public health and at the same time seek a great work-life balance, Essity is the right place. Working here is very satisfying and fulfilling. 

What exactly do you like? 

On the one hand, the corporate culture, which at Essity is extremely collegial and intellectually stimulating. I work with so many talented people and the whole environment is very interactive. The best thing is that no matter what it is, I can address anyone at any time, including in English. And that hasn't changed in the home office during the current Corona pandemic. The other, of course, is my job.

Can you briefly describe it to us? 

Regulatory Affairs collaborates with many different departments, such as product development, production, quality management or marketing. We create risk analyses and collect all the information that is important for product safety. We also ensure that all regulatory requirements for medical solutions are met. This is very exciting, because this job is an amalgamation of health, economic and legislative areas and we must always stay up to date. But what I like best is that my work helps to bring an absolutely safe and even better product to the market. Most of our medical solutions are used every day. So, they have a big impact on the lives of many people.