This has become even more important in the times we live in. Every year, we invest time and money in activities to improve hygiene and health standards around the world, raise awareness and break taboos, and contribute to a more circular and sustainable society. By establishing strong community relations and partnerships, we can contribute to society with both our knowledge and innovations, help drive change and really make a difference, locally and globally.

Essity invested approximately SEK 38m (49; 38) in over 400 projects in 2021. Most of the projects, to which company employees also allocate an average of 4 hrs of working hours (including staff management) per project, were related to hygiene and health. 

Essity’s steering document for community relations states that Essity shall be politically and religiously neutral. The company must not make payments or product donations to political parties or candidates, or their institutions, agencies or representatives. Essity did not support any organizations or projects with political or religious aims in 2021.

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