Essity’s reporting of water usage states totals for surface water, groundwater and municipal water systems. Essity’s effluent water is divided into cooling water and process water. Cooling water has simply been heated and is not contaminated in any way. 

Essity’s Group water target is to reduce levels of suspended solids by 10% by 2020, with 2014 as reference year. Our tissue operations will also reduce water usage and organic content (BOD) by 10% by 2020, with 2014 as reference year. In 2020, levels of suspended solids decreased 26.9% (25.8; 18.5), the amount of organic content (BOD) by 21.0% (28.5; 25.0) and the quantity of discharged water by 3.5% (1.9; 2.9) compared with 2014. Essity’s main focus has been to improve water quality during these years. In 2021, Essity will draw up new targets for the company’s water management.