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Consumers and customers who use our products should feel secure that our products are manufactured and distributed in a sustainable and responsible way. That is why we promote responsible business – both within Essity and throughout our supply chain.


Updated fresh wood-based fiber sourcing policy

In 2018, Essity updated its sourcing policy for fresh fiber and strengthened its targets. Our target is for our fiber supply to be fully FSC® or PEFC™ certified. We are moving closer to fulfilling our target every year, but because of the high demand for and limited availability of certified fiber, we still need to source fiber that is not certified but nonetheless fulfills the FSC standard for Controlled Wood. This is always the minimum standard for the remaining share of fiber and means that the supplier can show full traceability regarding the origin of the fiber.


Recycled fiber

Around 40% of all fibers used in our tissue products globally come from recycled paper. Essity invests in technology to allow the use of a broader range of paper grades for recycling. In doing so, we extend the types of recycled materials that can be used while meeting the stringent quality requirements of our consumers and customers.

Copyright: Better Cotton Initiative

Sustainable cotton sourcing

A few of Essity's products contain cotton fibers. The volumes are limited, but as cotton production in certain countries could be associated with sustainability risks, Essity's ambition is that all sourced cotton or material containing cotton fibers should be sustainable. This means that the cotton is certified, organic, recycled or from a low-risk area. Essity is a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the largest sustainability program for cotton. BCI is Essity’s preferred program for more sustainable cotton, though other programs are also acknowledged.