The Report has been structured in accordance with GRI principles, meaning that the content is determined by the issues that are most material to Essity and its stakeholders, and that the content provides a complete overview of the operations. 

In addition to the information published in the Annual and Sustainability Report you can below find additional information about Essity's:

Materiality Analysis
A comprehensive account of all 21 areas included in the materiality analysis.

Sustainability Networks
A number of committees and networks operate horizontally across the Group’s different business units to guarantee a consistent approach. Learn more about our Sustainability networks

Position papers
We have established position papers, in which we explain our view on the following areas: animal testing, flushable products, genetically modified organisms, (GMO), palm oil, tissue fiber and triclosan (biocide).  

Innovation Process
Essity’s innovation process originates in an understanding of a customer or consumer need. The process is divided into four phases: feasibility, development, capacity and launch. Read more about our innovations

Community relations
Essity strives to be a dedicated partner in the local communities. Read more in our Community Relations and in our Breaking for well-being-section.