The Sustainability Committee: Leads and coordinates sustainability targets, policies, principles and action programs for products & services and for supply chain. The work to establish the new committee is on-going. The operational work is managed in networks such as Environmental supply chain, Essity non-financial reporting system, Health & safety, People & Nature Innovations, Circularity and Sustainability Activation Network.

The Public Affairs Committee: Leads and coordinates the work in prioritized areas related to strategy, positioning and external advocacy activities. The work is partly carried out in cross functional networks. The networks are composed by representatives from different business unites in order to rely on the relevant expertise in the policy issue. Currently we have PA-networks in the following policy areas: Circular Economy, Chemicals, Fiber supply, Manufacturing Legislation as well as Health and Medical Solutions.

Water management network: Proposes the Group’s targets for reductions in emissions and water usage. The network also analyses the impact of the EU’s Water Framework Directive on Essity’s operations.

Essity non-financial reporting system network: Compiles information and makes calculations and presentations relating to resource use and environmental data.

Chemicals management network: Leads and supports development for harmonized chemical procedures and proposes group policies, priorities and objectives.

Energy network: Identifies cost-efficient solutions and synergies in connection with energy sourcing. The network also handles emissions trading.

Health and safety network: Establish global goals and guidelines for health and safety, including definitions and procedures for accident reporting.

Sustainable Sourcing Network: Continuous follow up of supplier compliance and identification of ethical and social supply chain risks.