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Essity’s target for production waste is that materials and energy will be recovered from all waste from all production units by 2030. 

In 2018, Essity’s production waste amounted to a total of 1.65 million tons. In Essity’s production process, waste is generated in the form of ash, sludge, organic waste and/or plastic. The production sites proactively work to reduce waste and to find alternative solutions for their waste. In 2018, a significant part (1 million tons) was recovered as raw materials for other industries, such as the construction industry, or as an energy source. The remainder was sent to landfill.

Learn more in our Annual and Sustainability Report 2018


New life for paper towels

Essity and its tissue brand Tork have made it their responsibility to convert the environmental ambitions of customers into concrete measures and results. The latest contribution is a new and unique service for recycling paper towels from customers such as large offices, universities and airports. Until now, it has been difficult to recycle hand towels, mainly because of hygiene requirements and technical barriers.

The new service means that hand towels are collected from customers and sent to a local Essity mill to be transformed into new paper products. Pilot projects are conducted in Germany. the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden with highly favorable results.

The recycling service is an important contribution to a more circular and sustainable society.