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Who do you wash your hands for? Follow people’s life and hands throughout a day, in our main film showcasing the importance of hand washing as a recipe for health. We also support Global Handwashing Day’s theme ‘Clean Hands for All’ on making sure no one is left behind when it comes to accessibility and effective to hand hygiene facilities.


Tork products promotes clean hands for all

75% of Tork Elevation hand towels refills have EasyHandling packaging.


Hand hygiene = improving business?

Satisfying your guests and customers — so they'll want to return — is key to your success. Washing your hands is a important factor. 31% of people have not eaten at a restaurant due to hygiene concerns.

Dit is waarom schone handen centraal moeten staan in elk bedrijf

De kracht om de wereld te genezen ligt (letterlijk) in uw handen

Nieuw onderzoeksproject

Nieuw onderzoek met resultaten over gedrag en houdingen met betrekking tot handhygiëne van mensen in 6 landen (Duitsland, Zweden, VK, VS, Mexico, Frankrijk)


‘Hand to Hand’ – Fotografiska exhibition

In partnership with Fotografiska (the Museum of Photography) in Stockholm, we launched the documentary exhibition ‘Hand to Hand’ about the essential need for access to clean water, soap and basic sanitation – independent what life situation one is in.




Global Handwashing Partnership

‘Clean Hands for All’. This year’s theme reminds that we must be inclusive when addressing handwashing disparities, and leave no one behind in the Sustainability Development Agenda.



Essity and its brand Tork are advocates for hand hygiene in the critical moments as determined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Good hand hygiene has a big influence on health and well-being of our loved ones for everyone. We aim to inform people about the critical moments of handwashing and proper handwashing methods with water and soap, preventing over-use of disinfectants, sanitizers and handwashing when this is not needed