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Essity heeft als doel het taboe rondom menstruatie te doorbreken en het bewustzijn over hygiëne en menstruatie te bevorderen. In Latijns-Amerika, Azië en Europa worden onderwijsprogramma’s opgezet om meisjes te onderwijzen over wat er met hun lichaam gebeurt tijdens de puberteit en wanneer ze ongesteld zijn. 

We zijn actieve ondersteuners van de Menstrual Hygiene Day van WASH United door middel van sociale media en voorlichting. Het thema van dit jaar is #nomorelimits (geen beperkingen meer) en richt zich op bewustwording van de fundamentele rol van goede menstruele hygiëne zodat vrouwen en meisjes zich maximaal kunnen ontplooien. 

Meer informatie: http://menstrualhygieneday.org/


Progress Report#1 of 3 – Women's health and menstrual hygiene

In May 2018, the latest edition of the Hygiene and Health Report titled “Personal Well-being – Key to Public Progress was published.

Viva La Vulva woman looking down pants-2880x1300.jpg

Caring for your vulva

A global study reveals women’s quest for the perfect vulva. But there is one problem. It doesn’t exist. Bodyforms’s campaign Viva La Vulva celebrates the vulva in all its beautiful forms and fights against the myths, insecurities and stereotypes that women are subjected to when trying to care for their vulvas.

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Menstrual Hygiene Seminar - Cape Town

Libresse breaks taboos with education in South Africa

At Essity, we believe that we need to break the taboos around menstruation. Since 2015, Libresse has visited schools in South Africa to educate young women about menstruation. To date, over 34,000 girls and nearly 1,300 teachers have participated in the trainings.


Empowering women by making their needs count

One significant obstacle that leaves many women at a disadvantage is the stigma around menstruation. Women who menstruate need a private space for washing and managing their menstruation. These needs are overlooked far too often, making menstruation an impediment in community participation, education and working life.

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It’s time we talk about periods

Four out of ten parents have never talked to their daughters about menstruation. Despite being completely natural, discussions around periods are rare and subdued in all levels of society – on a scale that transcends any other topic, let alone a topic that affects 50% of the population. We are 100% dedicated to breaking the taboo. Are you?

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Transforming the conversations about menstruation

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a transformation in how menstruation is talked about in public. Decision-makers in both the public and private sectors have a particular responsibility to drive this change. Also companies working in this field have a role to play in challenging taboos around menstruation.

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Raising awareness of the menstrual cycle’s role for women’s health

Multiple health conditions are affected by the menstrual cycle, but awareness about this relationship is low – both among physicians and patients – which can lead to misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment.

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