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Essity offers a broad range of incontinence products under the globally leading brand TENA. TENA is a ”billion-dollar brand”, meaning a brand with annual sales exceeding USD 1bn. 

Essity’s offering of both products and services improves the quality of life for consumers and reduces costs for institutional customers, such as nursing homes. Essity’s offering also includes an assortment of skincare products, wet wipes and wash gloves. Through TENA Solutions, Essity helps nursing homes provide the best care by offering procedures, analysis tools and training. The advantages include improved well-being for the care recipients, a better workplace environment for the caregivers, less resource consumption and lower overall costs. 

Essity is the global market leader in the market for incontinence products with a global market share that is about twice the size of the second largest player. Essity is the market leader in Europe, Asia (excluding Japan) and Latin America. In North America and Asia (including Japan), Essity is the fourth largest player.