Q: In which countries do you recruit GO! graduates?

For 2020 we will recruit graduates in the following countries: Germany, Sweden, UK, Mexico, France, Denmark and the US. The recruitment process will start in Europe and Latin America around April/May 2020 and in the USA late 2020. You will be able to search position depending on the country and/or the function you are interested in.

Q: How many graduates are hired in total?

The number may vary each year, but for 2020 we will recruit approximately 50 GO! graduates.

Q: What kind of contract will I have?

From the very first day you join, you will have a permanent full-time employment at Essity.

Q: What is the compensation? 

You will receive a competitive salary according to recent market data of each country.

Q: What are the chances of getting a job after the program?

At the end of the 24-months program we aim to offer all our graduates interesting roles, providing they have performed well during the GO! program. 

Q: Can I apply to several GO! positions?

Yes, if you are interested in more than one function area or if you are open to be based in different countries, you are welcome to apply to the positions that applies to you.

Q: Can I apply to the GO! Program even if I am not living in the hiring country?

Yes, we are welcoming applicants from all over the world. Please note that for an employment we need to secure that residence permit and work permit are approved where applicable. Accommodation also needs to be arranged for by the candidate.

Q: How do I find the jobs I am interested in?

You can search through a keyword search e.g. type GO! into the search bar, or you can use the filters on the left hand side to look for the available jobs in your desired function and/or country.

Q: Will I rotate as part of the program?

Yes, rotation is part of the program and can take place either within the first or second year. In some cases rotation happens within the country, in others it may happen at an international level. Type, length and number of rotations may vary depending on position and department.

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