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Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP)

Essity has been involved in the Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP) since 2017 and evolved into a strategic partner in October 2020. The purpose of this partnership is to promote handwashing and recognize hand hygiene as a means of well-being and public health. To promote handwashing at local, national, and international levels, we have together with our world-leading professional hygiene brand Tork developed and amplified relevant content and campaigns on Global Handwashing Day since 2012. Emphasizing this day is one of GHP’s trigger actions to build political commitment and encourage the public to wash their hands.

Handwashing with soap is both an easy and effective way to protect ourselves and others from diseases and save lives. Basic hand hygiene is something many people take for granted, but not everyone has unlimited access to clean water and soap. The Global Handwashing Partnership is a coalition of internal stakeholders that works to improve hand hygiene standards worldwide and share the knowledge that will strengthen handwashing implementation. Essity wants to be a part of driving this change and make it possible for people all over the world to keep good hand hygiene and stay safe. 

Men washing hands on the street.

GHP was formed in 2001, and its members consist of multilateral organizations, government agencies, corporations, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations. To make a difference, GHP connects with many local NGOs through the WASH initiative. Together with WHO and Unicef, GHP is one of the core partners and key initiators of the Hand Hygiene for All initiative. Essity’s partnership with GHP thereby directly contributes to these common initiatives and goals.  

As one of two strategic partners, we will contribute to the goal to make hand hygiene habitual and normalized and by so aiming for effective handwashing accessible for all people by 2030. We are proud to be a partner of such a meaningful initiative, and we will continue to contribute through our thought leadership in terms of hand hygiene to support schools and work environments. 

Schoolgirls washing hands between classes.