In addition, local efforts have been done from all over the world. Here is a collection of some recent ones:

United Kingdom 

  • 100,000 products donated to In Kind Direct, a charity that distributes product donations to UK charities working both domestically and abroad
  • 60,000 toilet rolls donated in partnership with the Northumberland County Council benefitting local charities and community groups close to our Prudhoe manufacturing site.


  • ​51,600 items of personal protective equipment including masks, gloves and glasses donated to support​ hospitals in Tuscany
  • €20,000 to support the building of the new Covid19 hospital in Milan, along with a supply of our products including pads, hankies, napkins etc.
  • Donation to Croce Verde Lucca (NGO managing local ambulance volunteers service) to help them buy urgently needed equipment to sanitize ambulances


  • 12,000 masks given to the French authorities for distribution to health professionals in hospitals 
  • "Merci CRF": the French Red Cross thanks companies for their support on Twitter, including Essity who donated 10,000 packs of tissues for their emergency kits
  • Donation to ADSF, an NGO that Nana supports to help women in need
  • Colleagues in several manufacturing sites donated products to support local communities during this difficult period.


  • Donated toilet paper to a number of organizations including:
    - Diakonie Sozialstation home care service
    - Universitätsklinikum Mannheim, Mannheim's biggest hospital​
    - Civil protection agency (Katastrophenschutz) Ludwigshafen /DLRG
  • Donated a pallet of toilet paper and one of household towels to the Siedlergemeinschaft Schönau (an organization who give care packages to their elderly members)​