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Door te investeren in hygiëne en gezondheid houden we ons niet alleen bezig met gelijkheid en menselijke waardigheid, maar investeren we ook in maatschappelijke vooruitgang.

Personal story

Gert Bagge shares his personal story of experiencing bladder leakage as a consequence of prostate cancer and how he is overcoming social obstacles. Watch the full video here.

“To us, societal implications are what hygiene and health is all about. Often, the resources required are much less than we might think.”


Hygiene & Health Report 2018/19

The report highlights the importance of prioritizing hygiene and health throughout the life course. It shows how efforts can contribute not only to personal well-being but also to societal development, ie contribute to UN SDGs. 

It also aims to influence public policy to raise hygiene and health standards globally.

Read the report:
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WSSCC & Essity Collaboration

WSSCC and Essity aim to collaborate around improving hygiene and health standards across the life course. WSSCC is the only part of the UN devoted solely to the sanitation and hygiene & health needs. We aim to complement our subject matter knowledge and expertise, to build credibility and enhance our common network and access to relevant decision makers and foras.


Health and Hygiene Insights 2018/19


Explore the results from the Essentials Initiative Survey 2018 and test your knowledge! How do you think people answered?